What is On-Demand Foam-in-Place Packaging?

Foam-in-place packaging is an on-demand, custom solution that ensures the highest level of product protection through the shipping process.

Made in real-time, foam-in-place systems combine two liquid components in a bag or film. The expandable foam mixture rapidly surrounds the product, creating a custom protective mold. Foam-in-place is an ideal solution for companies shipping
different configurations of fragile products. The customized cushion molds itself around the product, protecting sharp edges, corners and odd shapes.

Why Choose Foam-in-Place Packaging?

  • Protection: Offers highest degree of product protection, reducing or eliminating damages
  • Versatility: Suitable for most product shapes or sizes
  • Cost Efficiency: Foam expands its liquid volume more than 250+ times, reducing freight energy, storage space and other material handling costs
  • Sustainability: Protects environment by eliminating reships, minimizing landfill waste

Foam-in-Place Systems

IPS Packaging & Automation offers Pregis IntelliPack® on-demand systems, leading the industry in costeffectiveness and efficiency. The intuitive equipment design and responsive controls simplify the packaging process, reduce cost and increase productivity. A range of equipment options are available to meet small, medium and large application needs.

Why Pregis IntelliPack Systems?

  • Design Efficiency: Designed to optimize ergonomics, ease-of-use and productivity.
  • Advanced Telemetry: Automatically collects, monitors and measures critical information on each use.
  • Bar Coding: Delivers consistent packaging protection across diverse product lines.
  Pregis IntelliPack® SmartMold Pregis IntelliPack® SmartBagger™ Pregis IntelliPack® SmartShot™ Pregis IntelliPack® SmartShot Stand Accessory
Description Create custom molds, prefabricated for a specific product. Easy-to-use machine with intuitive interface empowers users with greater control and customization to increase efficiency and productivity Compact machine with hand-held dispenser allows operators to dispense the foam into any size or shape container Offers flexibility with the SmartShot, allowing operator to toggle between producing ondemand foam bags and handheld dispensing
Application Pre-Mold On-Demand Foamin-Place On-Demand Foamin-Place Handheld On-Demand Foamin-Place Hybrid
Volume   Medium-to-high volume applications Low-volume to intricate and highvolume demands Low-volume to intricate and highvolume demands
Footprint   H: 66.6" + Stroke
W: 42.2"
D: 32.3
Hose Hanger
Height: 8-12'
Console Height: 5'
Nominal varies by install
Heated Hoses: 20'
Feed Hoses: 13'
Stand Dimensions:
W:24” x T:44" x D:24"
Standard wicket bag size:
W:18" x L:24"
*Other bag sizes available upon request.
Features   Easy-to-replace sealing wires and edge seal arbors
User-friendly, ergonomic features empower packers
Intuitive control panel
Maxwell Intelligent Interface
Versatile applications
Heated gun and lines eliminate “cold shot”
Minimal floor space
Hybrid stand with SmartShot allows for one piece of equipment for handheld and bagger
Utility Requirements
- Electrical power
- Receptacle type
  208- or 230-Volts AC
30 Amp dedicated circuit
50/60 Hz Plug configuration = L6-3