Why Choose Packaging Foam-in-place


In the same way that your car can most likely alert you to a potential maintenance issue before a catastrophic failure, so to can many of the newest models of foam in place equipment. Designed to monitor, collect, and measure critical information, such as foam and film usage, temperature, pressure, etc. each time it is operated, this system ensure that the machine stays up and running to your custom specifications. Any potential issues are automatically relayed back to your equipment provider’s service team and a technician is dispatched to fix the problem before it becomes one.

  • Constantly monitors system parameters
  • Remotely monitor and adjust system performance through proprietary PX3 system
  • Proactive preventative maintenance program minimizes downtime, supports optimal productivity
  • Tracks consumption and performance metrics

This seemingly simple feature allows you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize equipment performance
  • Stay ahead of problems and costly downtime

By being proactive, systems can optimize uptime and ensure that proper system maintenance is performed.


For companies with multiple products of varying size and shape, a barcoding “smart” feature helps take the guesswork out of what bag to use and how much foam to use.

During the packaging process, operators simply scan the bar code label (for the specific product) using a hand wand. The system is programmed to automatically dispense the precise amount of foam and film needed for the optimal pack-out of each product based on its unique barcode.

The process is simple, automatic, and ensures that your bottom line is as protected as your product by increasing productivity, improving protection, and reducing material waste.

  • Pre -program package specifications. Unlimited number of configurations
  • Machine dispenses the precise amount of liquid foam and film
  • Insures consistent package protection every time
  • Reduces waste
  • Increase productivity

Equipment Design

The worst part about trusting your packaging line to machines? The downtime when they breakdown. And, inevitably, something will happen and a part will need to be replaced.

With traditional machines, replacing parts can take up to an hour. And who has that kind of time to spend on a machine, especially when you need to be pushing products out the door.

With the newest technological advances in Foam in place packaging, part replacements can take mere minutes and quick and easy film roll loading is done via loading arms that take the potential for employee strain injury out of the equation.

  • Ergonomic design
  • User friendly, intuitive control panel
  • Easy-to-replace sealing wires and edge seal arbors
  • Long lasting mixing module
  • SmartFoam liquids stored in clear outer containers

Customer Focused Commitment

  • On Site analysis
  • Design labs
  • Custom program design
  • Ongoing expert consultation

Advantage Program

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Installation, training and ongoing support available 24/7
  • Warranty on all parts and equipment
  • Package design services

The systems lead and define the field:

  • SmartMold™ - In pre-mold applications, foam is dispensed into a bag molded over a wooden custom form. This creates a shaped cushion for use with specific products.
  • SmartBagger™ - The operator creates a foam cushion for the bottom of the container. The product is laid on the cushion before a second cushion is placed on top, filled with foam, and sealed, making a "sandwich" with the product secured in the middle.
  • SmartShot™ - The operator lines a box with film, fills the box with foam, and wraps the film over the product like a blanket.
  • SmartShot-Hybrid™ - The machinist fills a bag with foam and places product on top. Once it expands, a second bag forms a custom lid.

But where do these machines really make the most sense?

  • Home-based businesses are especially cost-bound to packaging and ship safely and efficiently.
  • Furniture and appliances are heavily discounted when they have surface scratches.
  • Shipping stores and business mailrooms ship with various options, but they rely on the low cost, speed, and minimal space of shipping equipment and supplies.
  • Retail and e-commerce have new reasons to consider the value of “free” shipping offers.
  • Museums and antiques need protection for sensitive and fragile materials.
  • Medical products should arrive cleanly, as well as safely.
  • Electronics include sensitive parts and glass requiring protection and separation.

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