SmartBagger with Maxwell

Meet "Maxwell"

Maxwell is the newest ‘smart’ feature available on the SmartBagger foam-in-bag machine that empowers the user with the touch of a finger. The intelligent interface has an intuitive touchscreen design that maximizes productivity and the overall wellness of your packaging operation.

Maxwell offers SmartBagger users a personalized customer experience:

  • Personalize the touchscreen interface to meet diverse needs
  • Customize access levels (operator, manager, and service techs)
  • Add photos/videos for training or troubleshooting
  • Establish a connection link from one machine to other machines to quickly disseminate new packing procedures or product specifications
  • Generate detailed consumption reporting (from machine or multiple ‘linked’ machines)
  • Remotely load and extract data
  • Set SMART operation modes:
    • “Go to sleep” and “wake up” modes for minimal operator interaction
    • “Self cleaning” mode allows the operator to schedule cleaning, extending the cycle life of wearable parts

In addition to Maxwell, the SmartBagger is equipped with new features including:

  • Virtually unlimited barcoding ability!
  • Connects to wireless and cellular networks
  • Preset “sheets” for unlimited number of preset bag sizes
  • Easy to sort data includes a description and drop down list
  • Agile bag control to quickly produce custom bag sizes on demand
  • Customize tube fill and length of SmartTrax foam cylinders

Meet Maxwell & empower your packaging operation!

Success Bulletin

Maxwell intelligent FIP interface helps auto maker improve product protection, training and reduce costs

Maxwell, the new intelligent interface for SmartBagger foam in place (FIP) system, takes the guess work out of the FIP bagging operation by providing a robust, end-user experience with the touch of a finger.

Project Overview:
Over a period of several years, Packaging Foam in place sales team had been trying to convert the copacking operations that support a major U.S. automotive manufacturer over to the IntelliPack FIP system. There are six different locations responsible for copacking OEM parts that were using 18 Sealed Air units. Due to the complexities of coordinating such a significant change across multiple locations, the customer was reluctant to make the switch. That all changed with the introduction of the Maxwell intelligent interface.

The copackers were attracted to Maxwell’s intuitive, robust features and its ability to minimize human error. Because workers—frequently temps—are typically asked to package many different types of products, equipment that can take the guesswork out is highly desirable.

The copackers acknowledged that even when the workers would place the correct amount of material in the bag, they didn’t always place the bag in the right location within the case.

Maxwell is capable of providing specific instructions regarding both material usage and bag placement for optimum protection. Packaging Foam in place customized Maxwell for the auto copackers by uploading 4,000 different specs.
Following a successful five month trial at one location, the decision was made to convert all six locations and replace all 18 Sealed Air machines. (Product sampling, drop and foam efficiency tests confirmed the IntelliPack solution meets or exceeds the auto maker’s packaging specifications.) Installation of all units is expected to be completed by the end of April.

Additional customization for this customer will eventually include:

  • Easy-to-understand photos or videos visible on screen to remove the guess work of how to pack and improve production. These are ideal for training and troubleshooting.
  • Software adapted for their products to further minimize operator inconsistencies and damage/returns.
  • Role-based (operator, packaging engineer, etc.) access establish to different levels for changing packaging specifications or settings.
  • Centralized database feed to multiple machines enabling a packaging specification to be updated and quickly transferred to all machines.
  • Usage reporting consolidated across the copacker network and available to the auto maker to better understand packaging costs and trends.

In partnership with its distributor, We provided a total solution with cutting-edge technology that overcomes many production challenges and improves the auto maker’s packaging process.