Pregis IntelliPack SmartBagger

IPS Packaging & Automation offers the Pregis IntelliPack® SmartBagger™ for consistent, superior product protection. This foam-in-place system is ideal for high-volume, medium-to-large applications that require cushioning or blocking and bracing to protect goods. The SmartBagger features the Maxwell® Intelligent Interface for endless customization, offering control and efficiencies in operations.

SMART Features

  • Remote monitoring and system adjustment
  • Preventative maintenance minimizes downtime
  • Sleep and wake functionality for energy conservation
  • Self-cleaning to optimize productivity

Efficiencies Through Bar-Coding

  • Virtually unlimited bar-coding
  • Pre-program package specifications
  • Precise dispensing reduces waste and maximizes productivity
  • Displays photos and videos for training or troubleshooting

User Friendly, Ergonomic Design

  • Customizable interface for specific needs
  • Easy-to-replace sealing wires and edge seal arbors
  • Open design makes loading quick, simple and safe
  • Long-lasting mixing module is easily and quickly cleaned, increasing uptime
  • SmartMold liquids stored in clear drums for easy consumption monitoring