Inflatable packaging for distribution of housewares

Inflatable packaging success stories

Airspeed HC inflatable packaging system improves customer satisfaction and retention.

The hybrid cushioning system provides protective packaging materials on-demand. Producing pillow at the speed of 75 feet per minute, you’re getting a better packaging system.

Packaging problem

A distributor of housewares was used to using loose fill in conjunction with a bulk air conveying system to protect their products. The packaging peanuts that they were using created two problems that they wanted to fix. The loose fill created a mess at their plant and their customers constantly complained about similar litter problems on their end.

inflatable packaging

Packaging solution

Inflatable packaging cushioningA custom solution was provided from the inflatable packaging system because protection was needed on all 6 sides of the case. Two pads would lay across the top flaps of the shipper in a cross pattern. The house-ware products were placed on top which allowed the pads to sink to the bottom, encasing the contents on all sides. The inflatable bubble secured their products tightly, eliminating any extra packaging materials they used before. No more mess on the floor and no more complaints from their customers.

The test installation finished with nothing but positive results from the distributor and their customers. They installed 7 inflatable packaging systems in total to work with 14 pack station. They converted from loose-fill peanuts and saw significant improvement in customer satisfaction and less mess in their plants.

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