Foam in place packaging for automotive wheel manufacturer

Foam in place packaging success stories

SmartBagger with Maxwell foam in place packaging system reduces damage for automotive wheel manufacturer.

The SmartBagger with Maxwell intelligent interface, makes it easy for the end-user with just the touch of a finger. The touchscreen can be personalized to your company with easy customization.

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Packaging problem

A manufacturer of top of the line, custom aluminum wheels was losing 5-10% of shipments to damage. They were using corrugated inserts inside a corrugated box to product their products. This was clearly not working, receiving many complaints and product returns. In their line of work; scratches, dents, and any other damage was unacceptable. A new set of rims they manufactured could cost upwards of $10,000, they had to fix the product damage issue.

Packaging solution

When the company moved its manufacturing from the west coast to the east coast, it was time to switch to a foam in place packaging solution. The corrugated method wasn’t working, so we installed a trial run of the SmartBagger. The trials didn’t start off smoothly at first however. They realized that the corrugated container wasn’t big enough to include the inflation from the foam in place bags. Once that was corrected, they solved their product damage issue. Now, they’re using two top and bottom foam pads plus two additional pieces for the sides to protect their wheels. Foam in place was the protective packaging process that the manufacturer needed to help deal with damage.

The manufacturer was extremely happy with the foam in place packaging that they recorded a video of them throwing expensive products from the roof of their delivery trucks. Talk about protection!

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