Foam in place for health products supplier

Foam in place packaging success stories

SmartBagger foam in place system improves performance while decreasing damage for soap supplier.

The SmartBagger system is ideal for applications that need protective void fill, blocking/bracing, and cushioning during the shipping and receiving process.

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Packaging problem

A soap supplier was using a different foam packaging method to protect their products. Recently, they were getting less than desirable service with a lot of machine breakdowns. There were multiple issues including machine breakdowns, long service cycles, and promises of backup machines that never happened.

On top of the mechanical issues, the company was forced to stock backup supplies of packaging peanuts. They needed a constant backup plan during equipment downtime so they could keep up with their supplying process. During the shipments using other protective packaging materials they experienced higher rates of damage. It was time for a better foam in place operation.

Packaging solution

foam in place packaging systemThe SmartBagger foam in place system was suggested to the company to increase their productivity and solve their damage issues. We came to them with a presentation and test plan ready to go. They were so thrilled with how the new system worked that 2 units were installed within a month of the meeting. What they liked best about the SmartBagger foam packaging system was the customization. They used 6 different shipper sizes to accommodate all of their custom orders. The SmartBagger is able to program multiple bag sizes using it’s intelligent telemetry feature. With the new units, their damage rates decreases significantly because of the machines’ ability to create uniform protection each time.

The soap supplier was also able to create more packing space in their warehouse because of the new installation. The design of the SmartBagger enabled 2 units to be placed back-to-back. This gave them some more flexibility when it came to their packaging stations. Also, the chemicals needed for foam in place were placed 50 feet away from the machines. This helped increase their space for packaging even more.

The foam in place system helped:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Eliminate need for secondary packaging supplies
  • Improve packaging station flexibility

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