Foam in place for fulfillment

Foam in place packaging success stories

SmartBagger foam in place system eliminates the need for secondary packaging supplies.

Overview of results:

  • Reduces space by 60%
  • Labor savings up to 30%
  • Reduction from LTL freight costs by 50%
  • Eliminated damage problems

foam in place drums

Packaging problem

A fulfillment center of bathroom appliances experienced considerable amount of shipping issues with their products. Their toilets and sinks experienced damage during standard ground shipments and they wanted to fix the problem. Their original packaging process consisted of 40 square feet of foam air pillows that deflated by the time the shipments arrived to their destination. This made them shift to shipping everything LTL (Less than truckload). The real cost of damage.

Packaging solution

foam in place fulfillmentThe SmartBagger foam packing system was installed with great success. Two help protect the items, a two inch pad was placed at the bottom of every container. Corner braces and a rising bag were also used with the foam materials. With the success from the foam system, the fulfillment system switched back from LTL to standard ground shipments. This produced a savings of 50% in freight costs. The smaller foam in place units allowed the company a 60% space reduction. This gave them more space for their packing stations and inventory. Why choose foam in place packaging?

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