Foam-in-Place Applications

Foam-in-place is made by combining two liquid components in a state-of-the-art machine. This combination creates an expandable foam that is sealed into a high-density polyethylene bag. The liquid expands into a foam creating a custom protective foam shell around the product.

Foam-in-Place Bagger Application:

Made in real time by combining two liquid foams in a bag or liner. The expandable foam packaging mixture rapidly surrounds the product, creating a custom protective mold.

Handheld Foam-in-Place Application:

Tapered dispenser allows easy navigation, filling narrow or oddsized spaces.

Pre-Molding Foam Applications:

Create custom molds, prefabricated for a specific product for maximum production protection. These molds are tailor-made for your operation, allowing you to gain more productivity and eliminate nonproductive, idle time from the packing process.