AirSpeed HC

AirSpeed Inflatable Hybrid Cushioning System

The original hybrid cushioning system delivering superior cushioning materials on demand.
  • Heavy duty performance ‐ Produces inflated cushions at 75 feet per minute!
  • Clean, clear packaging material – no mess!
  • Multiple cushion sizes, one machine
  • Adjustable air pressure – For variable cushion height
  • Compatible with advanced delivery solutions and HC Autoflow for high volume packaging operations
  • Worry free ‐ Backed by Service Team & 24/7 Tech Service Hotline
AirSpeed HC Overhead Delivery System
AirSpeed HC Dual Workstation

Airspeed HC Hybrid Cushioning System - Value Proposition

The innovative AirSpeed HC is the industry’s ultimate inflatable, on-demand hybrid cushioning system. At speeds of 75 feet a minute, AirSpeed HC produces inflatable pillows for a wide range of packaging applications including void-fill, cushioning, containment and wrapping. Products of all shapes and sizes receive optimal protection from shock, abrasion and vibration during transit. Since the inflatable pillows come flat in rolls, storage is efficient and cost effective; packers use only the amount they need for the application at hand.

The AirSpeed HC system has significant ease-of-use benefits over other block and brace materials, most notably Foam in place (FIP). Often described as complicated, messy and negative for the environment, FIP is a costly packaging option for users. AirSpeed HC on the other hand, is clean, fast, flexible, simple to use and cost effective.

Machine Features and Benefits Results
Fast Produce pillows at speeds of 75 feet a minute.
Easy to use Simply load film and press start.
Lower total cost compared to other packaging materials
  • Lightweight material lowers freight costs
  • Reduced storage and material handling.
  • Low maintenance costs.
Clean No harmful and messy Foam in place chemicals to use and dispose of.
Adjustable air pressure Fill cushions to your specific height requirements.
Cushioning Void-fill Wrapping Blocking/Bracing

Unique Film Designed To Meet Distinct Demands

The AirSpeed HC uses an innovative, specially designed, high performance film to deliver end-user results. Made from low density polyethylene, the film is 100% recyclable and promotes environmental responsibility through proper disposal channels.

Film Features and Benefits Results
Multiple pillow sizes for versatile use Maximum flexibility for optimal performance.
True perforations Sheets are perforated for easy-to-tear, quick packing with no loss of cushioning.
Excellent memory Able to retain shape and protective qualities when folded, manipulated or wrapped.
Space savings
  • One pallet of HC film can be converted into the equivalent protection of almost one-and-a-half truckloads of traditional bubble!
  • No need to store drums of chemicals like FIP.
Great clarity Lowers shipping costs vs. kraft paper or loose fill.

Airspeed Hybrid Cushioning Film Options

For Airspeed HC and Airspeed HC Versa Systems

AirSpeed HC film is a versatile protective packaging solution for a wide variety of customer applications:

  • Clean, clear film and square pattern provides optimum aesthesis
  • Perfect for applications ranging from cushioning, block & brace, wrapping and void fill
  • Three cushion widths: 12”, 18”, 24” inflated
  • Three cushion heights: Small (3/4”), Medium (1”), Large (1 ¼”)
  • Available in several film grades & formulations
  • Recyclable as category #4 (where accepted)
HC Film Grades
HC Performance Plus Barrier film offering the highest air retention properties for heavy loads that require extended storage and shipping cycles
HC Performance Barrier film designed for light weight shipments that require extended storage and shipping cycles
HC Standard Film Robust film that is designed to perform across a broad spectrum of packaging requirements. Perfect for heavier shipments with shipping cycles that range up to 10 days
HC‐Flex Economy grade solution designed for light weight shipments with short shipping cycles

HC Special Film Formulations
Renew Includes a natural, organic bio‐additive to accelerate the breakdown of the film. Available with a green tint to provide a visual cue for the sustainable properties
Anti‐Static Includes an additive to prevent static interference when protecting electronics or other sensitive equipment. Film will have a pink tint to indicate it anti‐static properties.

  HC Flex HC Flex Renew HC Std HC Std Renew HC Anti‐Static HC Performance HC Performance Plus
LRG     X X      
SML X X     X X X
MED X X     X X X
LRG X X       X X