AirSpeed HC Renew

Airspeed HC Renew - Value Proposition

HC Renew™ hybrid cushioning film contains a special and precise blend of ingredients designed to provide high quality and performance characteristics plus a special bio-additive to address environmental concerns.

When paired with the innovative AirSpeed HC (hybrid cushioning) machines, it becomes the industry’s ultimate on-demand, inflatable cushioning system producing inflated cushions at speeds of 75 feet a minute. Once inflated, the hybrid cushioning film is formed into a proprietary pattern of squares provides superior product protection and reduces material consumption.

An Environmentally Reponsible Option

HC Renew contains a natural organic bio-additive that attracts microbial communities found in environments such as landfills to accelerate the breakdown of the film.

Airspeed HC Renew Hybrid Cushioning:

  • Proprietary pattern prevents items from damage or “bottoming out”
  • Engineered for strong, resilient seals and to resist puncturing
  • Lightweight packaging medium to reduce freight cost
  • Rolls of film provide a space saving alternative to other packaging materials
  • Recyclable as category #4 (where accepted)

Product Options

  • Green tint visually cues environmental advantages
  • Three cushion widths: 12”, 18”, 24 “ inflated
  • Three cushion heights: Small (3/4”), Medium (1”), Large (1 1/4”)
  • Standard and HC Flex film grades available to satisfy a wide range of packaging requirements

How does it work?

  • A small amount of bio-additive is compounded with the standard Airspeed Hybrid Cushioning film.
  • The bio-additive attaches itself to the molecular polymer chains that form the plastic so that it is evenly dispersed throughout the plastic.
  • If the plastic is disposed of in a landfill, microbes attach to the additives in the plastic, digesting and breaking down the structure at a more accelerated rate.

HC Renew film supports Airspeed HC hybrid cushioning systems.

The proven high performance film and machine make the AirSpeed HC and HC Versa systems the preferred solutions for block and brace in the industry today.

Airspeed HC and HC Versa Hybrid Cushioning Systems

  • Fast! Runs at 75’ per minute
  • Excellent film clarity and configuration
  • No material wasted at perforation
  • Adjustable air pressure and multiple film sizes

Airspeed Delivery Systems

  • Custom designed for optimal ergonomics and operational efficiency
  • Standard dispensing accessories to increase productivity