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AirSpeed HC Renew air pillow system offers environmentally friendly packaging operations.

Packaging problem

A company in the pharmaceutical industry was looking for a sustainable solution to replace their current void fill. They needed a green solution but still needed the protection to be tough and flexible. The company shipped large amounts on a daily basis so they also needed a product with a longer shelf life.

Packaging solution

We provided them with renewable air pillows to fix their void fill problem. The l0w-density polyethylene air pillow film met the company’s green initiative while providing greater puncture resistance. The film was biodegradable at a better cost, and it used 50% less resin than they’re other process.

Some green benefits from the air pillows and the AirSpeed HC Renew:

  • Biodegradable. 100% recyclable
  • Diverts less plastic into the waste system
  • Reduces solid waste in landfills
  • Contains pre-consumer recycled content
air pillows

Air pillows

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AirSpeed HC Renew

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