Air pillow packaging for media distributor

Air pillow packaging success stories

AirSpeed 5000 air pillow packaging system cuts material use in half, reduces labor.

The AirSpeed5000 inflatable system offers speed, versatility, durability, and functionality. This system converts on-demand film into inflatable protective packaging material for your products.

Air pillow packaging

AirSpeed 5000

Packaging problem

A distributor of media and books fulfills orders from three different facilities. There’s one main plant, and two other warehouse locations. The company was interested in improving its protective packaging operation and use a system that was good to the environment. Sustainability and reducing the cost of their labor were their main pain points. The company was used to using a system that would create a tubular protective material around the products. Equipment issues is what prompted the change to an air pillow system.

air pillow system

AirSpeed EP-Flex Renew

Packaging solution

We installed a trial run of the AirSpeed EP-Flex Renew into all three of their facilities across the country. The distributor was thrilled with what they saw and installed 22 systems into their plants.

What’d they see in return?

  • 50% reduction in materials with the air pillow packaging system.
  • 25% increase in packing area space, freeing up more room for inventory.
  • 15% reduction in labor. They now supply in 2600 linear foot rolls instead of 1250 foot rolls to improve changeover efficiency.
  • Sustainability; the EP-Flex Renew system uses biodegradable and recyclable film.

sustainable air pillow packaging

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AirSpeed 5000

AirSpeed EP-Flex Renew

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