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Foam In Place Products

Intelligent Foam in Place Packaging

Our foam in place products are “smarter” than the competition. The Intellipack products we carry have the high quality foam protective packaging product of Instapak by Sealed Air, but are enhanced with the intelligence factor of Pregis. Described as “Foam in Place Systems with a high IQ,” Intellipack separates itself from the mold by providing an innovative telemetry and bar-coding system.

SmartMOLD Systems

Specific dimensions and precise with customized foam molds.

SmartBAGGER Systems

Packaging system that is ideal for high volume packaging jobs.

SmartSHOT Systems

There are so many benefits with this SmartShot foam-in-place packaging product.

SmartSHOT Hybrid Systems

SmartSHOT Hybrid
The convenience of a bagger system and the efficiency of a handheld.

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